Derranged Fangling

Ford Meets Toyota

Probably not the best thought out idea, but certainly the most inspirational! Observe: When we last left our heros, they had cut a perfectly good '65 V8 Mustang in two, and a '82 Supra into several small bits. Let's watch them pick up the pieces!

Note: Captions are on top of photo renditions

I thought putting an example engine (3.8L Ford V6) between the Supra strut towers would show how much room there was. Not only is there room for the 3.8L, but there's more room for an FE than my '68 Mustang has! Apparently, there's room for junk mail storage too. I later opted for the mighty 289 V8. 3.8L Ford V6 Engine

After getting the level and plumb bobs out, I measured what would have to be cut to make a tab A and a slot B. Not wanting to get too far into a hole, the match has an organic feel: Where parts naturaly match, I merely assisted in the mating. Other sections are matched with minimal fabrication. Ford greets Toyota with level and bob

I had to notch it a bit (see arrow) but it mated up pretty well.

Supra on Mustang

Even the floorpans meet up pretty well (see arrows)


You can see my Cougar and the mighty 443 Mustang in the background, but the subframe channels of the supra meet almost perfectly to the channels for the Mustang, except the Supra channels went all the way to the rear subframe. Methinks this was a good idea.

Mustang and Cougar

The arrow points to the vehicle centerline (on a string). I painted the meeting surfaces to show where I should grind with white paint.

Vehicle Centerline

I put the fenders on, just for grins!



More Fenders

Check out my leveling dohickey


I clamped up a piece of 2X to add strength to the torque box and a good mating surface for the front of the Supra. I'll tie these together on each side for more strength

Torque Boxes

I welded it to the inside too.

Inside welding

Now it gets complicated... yet simple. It's a zen thing. I am one with the Toyota. I am one with the Ford. Yellow arrow points at the Ford driver's side door sill (main structural member for the entire car, as far as I can tell). Blue arrow points at the remains of the Toyota door sill. White arrow points at a 2X steel square pipe, that just happens to fit exactly, but for the grace of god! Green arrow points to the Supra frame rail.

Door sill

Here it is on the passenger side. Agle iron is welded to the new torque box, and the Supra is welded to the angle iron. Voila! We have a Suprang!


A full on view, with bonus details of my messy garage!

Messy Garage

Turn a 2X steel tube into a 2X4 steel tube. The bind that ties.

Binding Tie

Here's my 2X4 tube after hammering it between the Mustnag and Supra frame rails; and welding upon therein.

Welding the Bind that Ties