Suprang Autocross

It didn't break... much

I finished up the engine compartment and relocated my battery, so it was time to test the car. I'm tremendously pleased with the handling qualities of the car. Now I just need to stop worrying and push it harder!

Note: Captions are on top of photo renditions. Clck on the thumbnails for a larger picture.

My makeshift radiator support wasn't working out, so I bought some aluminum and bent it to fit. Then I screwed it in to place.

Cardboard Template Commited to metal Clamped to a post bent 90 degrees Fitted in place Screwed up

When I put the car on the trailer, I ripped the exhaust off. My brother re-engineered the exhaust 'till 11:00 that night with a little help from me. We made it to the site in Sanford NC without further incident.

Me and my exhaust Trailer action Trailer action Parked by a firebird And a sweeeet spitfire

The competition was fierce

Car Car People Car

I let my brother take a picture or two of the starting line. I'm a little buisy.

Starting lineup start really start Started Finish

I had 4 runs, and I shifted wrong in each one. It needs to rev out a bit before I even think about shifting, but the gearing is going to take some getting used to. It started running extra rich after my first run, and I discovered that I forgot to install a fuel filter!!!!. I also very slowly overheated my engine, and after I dropped the car off at the trailer, it puked a bunch of coolant all over the pavement. I need an electric fan or a shroud to help keep the cooling system from heat soaking like that.

The car turns in well, brakes well, and has a lot of power. I need to drive it harder to make decent times though.

Here's a picture of the usual suspects: From left to right, Jason Sullivain, Scott Korb, and Eric Minneman

Da boys